The Niche Fund has invested in 12 company stocks and 7 ETFs as of November 10, 2017.

Niche Fund 

Niche Fund diversification by company Simply Wall St(4)
Niche Fund diversification by industry Simply Wall St(1)
Recent Purchases

October EMR (1st Industrial stock)

November TD (2nd Financial stock)

December CNR (2nd Industrial stock)

January JNJ (1st Healthcare stock)

March BNS (3rd Financial stock)


34 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Nice start to your portfolio. I see you are a fan of RY. I have long liked the Canadian banks and hold TD, BNS and RY. Keep building that snowball bit by bit.


    1. Thanks IH, I’m happy with the companies I have so far. Look forward to picking up more on my foundation list. I agree CAD bank stocks have a lot to offer dividend growth investors.


  2. Nice list to start off. I also have JNJ & KO. Plus I have TD on my watchlist.

    The first stocks are always the hardest, I’m glad you made the plunge and joined us Dividend Investors. It’s a big step and now these stocks will pay you for the rest of your life if you keep them. Buy and hold dude.


    1. Thanks WS, it was hard to take the first steps but now it is starting to get a lot easier. It is going to take regular investments and dividend increases to really get the snowball rolling.


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