Dividend Income Update October

This post is long overdue as so many big developments have happened since October! I have been keeping an eye on the market looking for a good entry point to add to my Niche Fund holdings. Unfortunately things just keep edging higher and the USD keeps appreciating.

The markets were largely flat throughout October and all three of the main indices I follow ended down (Oct 1-Oct 31): S&P -0.5%, NASDAQ -1.1%, TSX -0.6%.

I didn’t purchase any equities this month, again, but I will be sharing an updated watchlist soon. I’ve added to my cash position in order to be better prepared to make my next purchase. This will likely happen once the market takes a significant dip. My most recent screens have not supported making a new purchase at current valuations.

I received dividend payments from four holdings in September: Bank of Nova Scotia, TD Bank, and Coca Cola. My October dividend income amounted to $13.63.

September dividends received: 

KO $2.76
BNS $5.92
TD $4.95

Total: $13.63

When compared to October 2015, my dividend income grew by an impressive +422%, from $2.61 to $13.63. My 2016 total now stands at $104.72, the first time I hit 3 figures! Much of that growth was from new equity positions initiated over the first months of the Niche Fund. Many of the firms in my portfolio also increased their dividends since I initiated a position, this contributes to growth even without making new equity purchases.

The holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my holdings.

How did your October go for new purchases? Any sectors of opportunity you’re focusing on for November? Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update October

  1. Slowly but surely, with new buys or without that dividend income continues to grow. Reinvestment and dividend raises can help push that dividend snowball along without any fresh capital being added. My focus in November has been the consumer staples. Many solid names in the space have gone on sale and are looking more attractive than in recent months. Names like UL, KMB, VFC and more are compelling.


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