Dividend Income Update August 2018

August is my preferred month of summer. It always somehow seems to be more chill. I have no idea why, but I’ve always felt that. I had a great time enjoying the sun outside and even made it out of the city to get some fresh air and relax by the water.


Like July, August was not a record breaking month. It came pretty close to my top month for the Niche Fund in 2015, but not quite. I have fewer companies that pay dividends in August than other months, so this was expected.

I decided to lose the market snapshot stuff for this post. I may decide to find some other material to use instead or perhaps a longer timeframe than 30 days.

My dividend total in August was $12.22. Despite the relatively small payout this month, the yoy growth was impressive at 123%! With the August income added to the 2018 total, I’ve hit $180.42 for the year so far. This brings me to just over 73% of my 2017 total, and $633 since founding the Niche Fund in 2015. There are some pretty solid months ahead for dividend payouts so I’m expecting to easily exceed last year’s total.

August 2018 Dividends
ZFM: $0.26
PG: $5.02
RY: $5.64
CGX: $0.58
XSH: $0.37
MAW: $0.35 (re-invested dividend into MAW104)
August Total: $12.22

The top performer was, yet again, one of my Canadian bank holdings:

RY: $5.64

Most of the holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my stock holdings.

The featured image for this post is a fireworks display at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Yours, until some of my energy and industrial holdings pay me to own their stocks,
Dividend Niche


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