I enjoy reading up on the latest posts from the following blogs. I’m still just getting started out with my own site, but I wanted to emphasize various blogs that piqued an interest for me to craft my own blog and share my dividend investing story.

Main influence – Dividend Diplomats

Two 20 somethings on a mission. Lanny and Bert’s blog offers a wealth of information on dividend stocks. I really enjoy the information they share on stock selection and analysis. I have incorporated some of their screening criteria into my own screen. I admire their system of setting goals and tracking their progress on a quarterly basis, as well as their entertaining writing style. It is great to see they are also active in the DGI community.

Dividend Growth Investing Blogs

There are several other blogs I read on a regular basis listed below. If you have a dividend investing blog I would be happy to mention it here on my page.

All About The Dividends


Roadmap 2 Retire

Dividend Driven

Dividend Earner


Monsieur Dividende

My Dividend Investing Plan

Pollies Dividend

Passive Canadian Income

The Dividend Guy

Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement

Average Dividend Yield

Dividend Income Stocks

Retire by 40

My Dividend Growth

Dividend Hawk

Live Off My Dividends


There are also over 250+ dividend blogs over at the Dividend Growth Center

Personal Finance Blogs

Mixed up Money

Half Banked

Money After Graduation

Way back in 2015 when I started this blog, I mainly followed Jason’s journey:

Jason Fieber Mr Free at 33

Jason has made a tremendous contribution to the DGI community and I personally have been inspired by his story and his expertise. It is great to see how his blog has developed since it began in 2011 until it changed ownership in 2015. Even after finding a great deal of success, Jason responded to all the comments on his posts. I really enjoyed his personal insights on macro market trends, his detailed descriptions of stock purchases and underlying research.

Random Stats!

Views by country 2017

🇺🇸USA 1,470
🇨🇦Canada 470
🇩🇪Germany 239
🇬🇧United Kingdom 96
🇳🇱The Netherlands 82


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    I really like your site and your posts.

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    And of course; every back link helps!

    Keep those divi’s rolling in!




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