Dividend Income Update March 2017

I’m wayyyy behind on this post for my March dividend income. It is hard to explain why this post is so late, but let’s just dive right in and see how March shaped up!


March was kind of rough here in Ottawa. We had record cold temperatures and the snow kept coming. Escaping winter seems like a better idea for next year!



As this post is so late, I should point out that the dates for the S&P500 map below reflect a 1 month period from March 22 to April 22. It looks like there are a lot more pockets of red, especially in financials, basic materials and healthcare. I stayed on the sidelines once again not adding to my dividend stock holdings, but I did add to my ETF holdings.


March was a bit of a roller coaster for the main indices I follow, in the end they mostly ended flat though:
S&P500 -0.04, NASDAQ +1.48%, TSX +0.96%.

March Dividends Received: 

ENB $1.75
ZCS $0.07
ZFM $0.06
PHR $0.26
PDF $0.26
XOM $5.05
EMR $4.32
JNJ $2.40
XIC $0.94
VUS $0.29
CNR $2.06
Total: $17.46

When compared to March 2016, my dividend income grew by +17.66%, from $14.84 to $17.46. This was the second highest month for passive income since I started investing! March is a big month for quarterly payments, and I have a lot more ETF holdings than I did last year.

Most of the holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. This month, I decided to include dividends received from my ETF holdings in addition to my dividend stock holdings. This should provide a more interesting roundup each month, especially as the ETF holdings pay more consistently than some of my stocks. I would note PHR and PDF are no longer part of my portfolio.

My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my stock holdings.

Thank you for checking out this post! How did your March shape up for passive income? What is on your watchlist these days?


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