Dividend Income Update February 2017

February flew by but was far from uneventful. For me, and probably many of you, the Oscars gaffe for best picture was one of the more memorable highlights of the month.


I think this incredible catch is also up there for me, even though I don’t actually watch baseball, you have to give this guy credit for his casual flying bat catch.


The markets seemed to continue their surge upwards. My holdings were mostly green this month which is great to see. It will make finding a good purchase much more difficult though as it becomes harder to find quality stocks at attractive valuations.



Wealthsimple posted a great article for investors with advice on how to handle investing in times when markets are hitting new records. In essence, just keep on keeping on. Over time market fluctuations will happen. Some investors are less comfortable with that, others have a longer term horizon and tune out the noise. Each investor is different, but here is my favourite quote from the article: “Stick. With. Your. Strategy.”

As you can see below, it looks mostly green on the finviz map of the S&P500. As always, there are are a few areas of opportunity, mostly in basic materials.


The markets that I track were up across the board in February:
S&P500 +5.1, NASDAQ +5.1%, TSX +1.4%.

February dividends received: 

RY $4.98
Total: $4.98

Getting paid by a bank never gets old. While the amount is tiny, I’ve been very happy with my Canadian bank holdings and look forward to adding to them in 2017. They often hike their dividends on a regular basis. When compared to February 2016, my dividend income grew by +5%, from $4.74 to $4.98. This is purely due to dividend increases as I haven’t added to my RY position in awhile.

The holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. February continues to be one of my quieter months.

My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my holdings.

Thanks for stopping by! What sectors are you looking into these days given the record highs? Have you had any nice dividend increases lately?


5 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update February 2017

  1. The market does seem to continue to keep going. Once it corrects it self there will be plenty of opportunities for buyers.


  2. You already know it’s not the dollar amount received as much as the fact that you have started on your journey. Like you, I like the large Canadian banks and will continue to hold for the foreseeable future. I also have not added to any my my TD, BNS or RY in a while as the prices marched higher along with the price of oil. For now, I’m just reinvesting my dividends into those names. Thanks for sharing your update.


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