Dividend Income Update November 2018

There are late blog posts, and there are record breaking late blog posts. This is the latter. I started drafting this update awhile ago, but there are no excuses for how late it is. Without further ado, let’s see how the second last month of 2018 shaped up!


In terms of the Niche Fund, November is another one of the slower months. It is a bit like an apartment above a great party, December. Total dividends received this month amounted to $12.89, a pretty spectacular 102.4% increase yoy! I’ll take that kind of growth any day. With this added to the 2018 total, I’ve succeeded in beating my 2017 annual total already! The snowball continues to grow.

November 2018 Dividends
ZFM: $0.25
PG: $5.02
RY: $5.88
CGX: $0.58
XSH: $0.40
MAW104: $0.72 (re-invested dividend into MAW104)
Total: $12.89

The top performer was:


RY: $5.88

Most of the holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. November was, as expected, a pretty slow month for the porfolio. December will definitely be much more interesting. My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my stock holdings.

The featured image for this post is a shot of Lansdowne park in Ottawa.

Yours, until the other late post about the great party in December arrives, and a whole bunch of companies pay me to hold their stock,

Dividend Niche



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