Dividend Income Update September

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a busy and rewarding weekend. This is one of my favourite holidays as it is a great chance to catch up with people, to celebrate and to eat lots of great food. The only downside is turkey coma!

I didn’t want to miss the chance to reflect my passive income from September. The good news is now, for the first time, I can compare my passive income YoY. This will be an interesting metric to see how the Niche Fund has grown. The comparisons of the first few months will look rather impressive in terms of growth as the fund started from $0 last year. I think you’ll agree the snowball is starting to grow.

The markets dipped at the beginning of September, then rose slightly by the end of the month. The main indices I track were mixed by the end of the month (Sep 1-Sep 30): S&P -0.12%, NASDAQ +1.88%, TSX +0.88%.

I didn’t purchase any equities this month, but I will be sharing an updated watchlist soon. I’ve added to my cash position in order to be better prepared to make my next purchase. This will likely happen once the market takes a significant dip. My most recent screens have not supported making a new purchase at current valuations.

I received dividend payments from four holdings in September: Enbridge, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson, Emerson Electric and Canadian National Railway. My September dividend income amounted to $15.03, a new record!

September dividends received: 

ENB $1.59
XOM $4.88
JNJ $2.40
EMR $4.28
CNR $1.88

Total: $15.03

When compared to September 2015, my dividend income grew by an impressive +944%, from $1.44 to $15.03. My 2016 total now stands at $91.09, already over triple my 2015 total of $21.36. Much of that growth was from new equity positions initiated over the first months of the Niche Fund. Many of the firms in my portfolio also increased their dividends since I initiated a position, this contributes to growth even without making new equity purchases.

The holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my holdings.

Did you have better than expected results for September? It would be great to hear of any new purchases you made during the month. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the next update soon.




4 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update September

  1. I think that first paragraph is from a November post 🙂 All good. $15 coming in passively is something. Not a lot, but a symbolic change from your last September update. Bit by bit, you can create a never ending year over year dividend increase each month which is what we’re all after. Nice to see JNJ and EMR in the mix too. I did make some small purchases in September. It seems that many of our fellow dividend bloggers are selling part or all of their portfolios these days so it’s nice when others are continuing to make buys here and there. I’m guessing you’ll continue to look for buys even as the market kind of hovers around the same mark. Thanks for sharing your recent update.


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