Dividend Income Update June 2018

Summer has arrived and it is nice and hot so far. It is so hot that there are heat warnings for the long weekend. Sounds perfect, feels like 41C.


This month turned out to be a new record for dividend income in the Niche Fund (excluding mutual fund distribution month, December). I wasn’t actually expecting the ETF mid-year distributions to be so significant. The total received a healthy boost from one of my newest holdings, annual payment stock, BMWYY.

Top Dividend Payment                     Largest Unexpected Dividend
BMW.svg                                      logo-ishares-footer
BMWYY: $13.51                                  IEFA: $8.87

The S&P looked like it had a mixed month overall. There are some good dividend stocks in the red on this chart. Looks like some industrials, healthcare and tech names might be on sale. I’ll dive into more detail on my next stock purchase in a separate post.


All three indices tracked slightly positive by the end of the month: S&P 1.1%, NASDAQ 3.2%, TSX 1.9%. It will be interesting to see how things look by the end of July.

My dividend total in June was $52.59, up 155.79% from the same month last year. Now that is some serious growth! It is also a very important milestone, my first $50 month! I revised the total once I saw that the XIC dividend was actually recorded in June (didn’t see that one before my original post). Dividends from ETFs made up roughly a third of the total. With this latest update half way through the year, I’m well on track to exceed my 2017 total.

June 2018 Dividends (revised July 7)

ENB: $2.01
BMWYY: $13.51
ZFM: $0.24
XOM: $5.32
EMR: $4.37
JNJ: $2.70
LMT: $4.00
IEFA: $8.87
IEMG: $2.85
CNR: $2.28
CGX: $0.58
XSH: $0.35
XIC: $5.51
June Total: $52.59

Most of the holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others. My Dividend Income page has a calendar showing when I expect to receive dividends from each of my stock holdings.

The featured image for this post is a shot of the Rideau River Falls in Ottawa.

Yours, Until Coke and a few Canadian banks pay me to own their stocks,
Dividend Niche


7 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update June 2018

  1. Congrats on having a solid June. 41C is pretty hot. I remember recently when I was in Asia it was about 35C but felt like 45C because of the humidity. Boy that was intolerable. :S


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