Dividend Income Update November

This has been a record month in terms of dividend income for the Niche Fund. While the amount is tiny, it is still encouraging to see the money I have invested in equities generating some passive income. With my purchase of TD last week, I will no longer have any months without at least one dividend payment. It is all starting to come together. I look forward to seeing dividend updates including several stocks in one month. I won’t have to wait long, December is shaping up to be a nice month with dividends expected from several of my holdings! The holdings in my Niche Fund pay quarterly dividends so some months will have more income reflected than others.

November Dividends Received

RY – $4.74

Total for November 2015: $4.74

This tiny amount will contribute towards my goal of receiving $20 of passive dividend income by Dec 31, 2015. My DGI journey began in July 2015, so this is truly the very early days. I aim to save a portion of my income and devote it towards a monthly stock purchase.

It is truly addicting to find the best possible companies each month and determine whether they meet my investment criteria. Of course the start of any long journey is slow going. I appreciate you taking time to stop by and look forward to chatting more with fellow DGI investors on their strategies and objectives.

If you’re new to my site, my plan is to buy and hold high-quality dividend paying stocks in order to enjoy the flexibility offered by the passive income stream generated by regular dividend payments to shareholders. In the long run, these dividends will start to grow on their own through dividend hikes. I look forward to posting the next dividend income update at the end of December.


11 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update November

  1. Congrats on the solid dividend income for month of Nov. It’s only $4 but that’s more than $0 received. Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither should your dividend portfolio. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks Tawcan. It certainly was not built in one day. I’m liking the process of building up my foundation. It won’t be long before things start taking off with dividend increases and additional equity purchases. Cheers


  2. Always happy to read about a Canadian bank paying a dividend in other portfolios. Just means I’m in good company. From these modest beginnings great things can grow. Look forward to seeing if you hit your $20 goal for 2015. As you stated, you are in the very beginning of your journey and at this rate you’ll be amazed at your 2016 totals relative to 2015. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Niche, amazing progress. You are 100% correct. Finding amazing buy and hold stocks for your portfolio is very addicting. I wish I had unlimited resources to pile into my portfolio and build one massive dividend snowball. I’ll get there one day soon!

    Keep it up Niche. I’m looking forward to reading your December post as well.



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